Announcement: Highster Mobile Review – A Phone Spy App You May Need

highster mobileHighster Mobile is a mobile software that secretly monitors virtually any cell phone quickly and easily completely undetected.

A lot of people do not yet know that it is possible to spy on a mobile phone remotely.


The Ever Increasing Need for Communication

Technology has come a long way making life easier as well as solving a lot of our everyday problems.

The need to communicate is one such area that people can simply not do without. You need to keep in touch with your loved ones, children, your boss, subordinates and colleagues in the workplace and the list goes on.

New Features

Ability to monitor the following:

  • WhatsApp Messages.
  • Facebook Pictures and Messages.
  • Instagram Messages.
  • Skype contacts and messages.
  • Browser history log.
  • Contacts log.

Remotely Uninstall the Application – You do not need to touch or have access to the target phone. This is done from your User Control Panel.


Why People Might Want to Spy

Communication fuels a relationship while mobile phones are an indispensable means of communicating. There will always be issues regarding suspicion, the need to monitor or you simply want to keep a close watch on what your children are doing.


The Birth of Highster Mobile

It is with this in mind that the Highster phone monitoring software was developed with the latest technology by renowned programmers. It is difficult to get caught while using this software. Except for those who really know what it is, the name itself gives you no inkling as to what it is. However, once installed, it does not show in the phone in question. It runs in the background.


What Does This Mobile Spyware Do?

  • During installation, you can choose where you want all the information sent to. This cell phone tracker supports various file formats that can quickly be played back on any PC.
  • Obtains Information from Text Messages

    – It keeps track of text messages that are sent or received by the monitored phone and sends them to your Online User Control Panel where they can be viewed immediately or to your phone (if you chose to send all obtained information to your phone).

  • Records Photos and Videos

    – High resolution photos and videos that have been recorded by the phone that you are monitoring are captured instantly and sent to your chosen email address (the one you selected at the time of installation).

  • Tracks Phone Location

    – Through the GPS feature, any GPS enabled phone can be tracked as it detects and updates the location of the phone every 10 seconds.

Example: If the phone you are monitoring departs from a location at 1:00pm, you will see the movement usually no later than 1:05pm, depending on weather conditions and terrain.

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  • Supported Phones

The software supports virtually any mobile phone ranging from Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Samsung, Motorola, LG, iPad to other java enabled phones.

A wide array of the following are supported:

–          Spirit Phones

–          Verizon Phones

–          AT & T Phones

–          T Mobile Phones

–          Virgin Mobile

–          Metro Pcs Phones

–          US Cellular Phones

A lot more mobile sets are being added to the list of supported phones.


Reasons Why You May Need This

  • To keep your children away from harm, trouble or the wrong influence. In fact, many a parent was surprised to learn that their child was into drugs and involved with the wrong gangs. So, BE PREPARED FOR THIS!
  • Helps to discourage employees from misusing company phones for making personal calls.Companies can lose money here.
  • It can be used to detect people being investigated for cases such as theft, murder etc.


What if Records are Quickly Deleted?

This cell phone tracking app also captures every incoming and outgoing message sent from the target phone even if call logs are deleted from the monitored phone immediately after the conversation. It carries out this operation round the clock.


Can the Other Person Whose Phone is Being Spied on Ever Know or Find Out?

No. The application runs in the background. It does not show when it has been installed. In addition to this, the program has been developed with a name that makes it difficult for someone else to figure out what it is.


What if The Person I Am Monitoring Changes His or Her Telephone Number?

The program will continue to function even if the monitored telephone number has been changed. You do not also have to reinstall the application.


Is the Location of the Phone Displayed on REAL Map?

Yes, of course. The location of the phone is displayed in real time on a real map. The GPS application employs the use of Google Maps, which gives unparalleled ease of use and accuracy.


How Many Phones Can You Monitor?

There is no limit. You can monitor as many phones as you like. But you may have to get another license in order to track another device. However, each license you get can be used for as long as you are using it on a compatible phone. Even if the owner of the device changes his or her cell number, the application will continue to function as always. You do not need to reinstall the program.


How to Install the App

You can install in any of the following ways:

(1)   Bluetooth Connection.

(2)   Transferring the files from your computer to the cell phone using a USB cable.

(3)   Scanning the QR code of the application using the cell phone’s barcode scanner.

(4)   OTA (over-the-air) links that you type directly into the phone’s web browser.

For more on installation, you can check the Highster Mobile installation guide.

How Long Does it Take to Install?

The installation takes less than 5 minutes.


highster mobile



Is There any Monthly Fee?

There are no monthly fees and no additional charges.

This could be the solution to a number of concerns for parents, companies and others.

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Reviews for Highster Mobile Before You Make a Purchase

Highster Mobile is advanced but easy to use phone spy software as you will get to knowUpdated Highster Mobile Reviews from this review. It is used for secretly monitoring other mobile phones. It does this by tracking or spying on the activities of other phones. It can be used for other purposes other than just for fun.

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How Highster Mobile Spy Can Be of Use


  • Tracking Your Loved Ones

With this software, you can easily keep track of your loved ones (no matter where they are). Thanks to the GPS technology that makes this possible.


  • Monitor Employees at Work

In order for your company to be fully productive and to ensure those precious hours are not just wasted by lazy employees who while away time in making unofficial phone calls and other forms of mobile communication.


  • Keep Track of Your Children

It can also help to make sure that your children are where they should be. You can know this because you will see the movement of the phone that is with your child on a GPS map. In other words, as your child moves, his or her phone moves along with him or her and you can see it right from where you are.

Websites visited by your kids can also be monitored due to the history log that it keeps.

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Convert Your Mobile Phone Into A Cell Tracker

With the use of a cell tracker, your mobile phone can become a detective used for a number of purposes, depending on your needs. This is achieved once the software has been downloaded and installed in the phone that you intend to monitor (target phone). Thus, your mobile phone can become a device with several spy features. Phones can easily be monitored unknown to the user.

Cell Tracker

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Gone are the days when mobile phones had lots of limitations. The major use of a mobile phone was simply to communicate. Today, however, the same is not the case as new mobile gps tracking softwarehandsets are being produced and launched into the market.

Mobile phones have become our companions. You carry them virtually everywhere you go staying in touch with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Many at times, people who are not in close proximity with each other, discuss on phone without actually knowing where the other person is speaking or calling from. Although this may not seem to be a problem on the surface of it, you might need to explore the capabilities of your phone by going beyond merely communicating.

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Mobile Tracking System To Help You Monitor Your Children

mobile tracking systemMobile tracking devices are becoming more commonly available and are increasingly being offered to parents as a means of keeping their teens safe.

While some teens feel safer knowing that they are monitored, others feel that it is an invasion of their privacy. However, the fact remains that the use of these devices may give some parents peace of mind.

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Sms Spy For The Mobile Tracker

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